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Travel: Rio – Day 51

Today is our last day. There are last minute details to finish up in the salon and then we are going to church. Our school was held in the church we have attended every Sunday. The church gave us 4 rooms to hold all over our classes in for the duration of the course and […]

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Travel: Rio – Day 50

As soon as I thought I had seen it all, my girls go and blow my mind away again! Raquel, the salon manager, organized a cut-a-thon in a near by favela. It is on the outskirts of the favela we have been working in. It is a really poor area and the girls wanted to […]

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Travel: Salão de Beleza – Day 49


Yesterday was Graduation Day and we finally got to show the girls the salon, Salão de Beleza. We have been working tirelessly in the salon making sure everything is ready for them to start work. Throughout the week as we have been there before and after school, we’ve seen a few of the girls coming […]

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Travel: Rio – Day 48


All of our girls passed their exams today! Now, they are ready to start in the salon. I am so incredibly proud of each and every one of them. They have worked hard and pushed through many obstacles. For so long they have so many things in life against them. I hope they continue to […]

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Travel: Rio – Day 45


This weekend we are hard at work cleaning painting the salon before all the furniture is installed. We invited some of our new friends to come and have a paint party with us! It was hot and humid, but the ceiling and walls are all painted. Just call me Michelangelo! Also, Melissa had our weekly […]

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