Travel: Nairobi, Kenya – Day 29

Team Kenya is finally here! I was so excited for everyone to meet the girls and see all the hard work they have done.

In these last few days with them, Teacher Ann and I have taught hair cutting and chemical relaxing. A huge challenge with the sinks not working properly, however T.I.A. – This Is Africa! As a result we have had quite a few visitors in class with us; plumbers, electricians, and construction workers. They were oddly intrigued by all the girls were doing and they hung around for a while. On top of that, my team came through to visit the class and meet the students. Needless to say, we had a full house!

I had two of my team mates come and speak to the students. The first was Brooke Conlin, or as she is called in Kenya, “Dr. Broouuke”! This was her fourth time to Kenya and she was serving on the medical team. As a medical student in California, I thought it would be perfect for her talk to the girls about hygiene and scalp diseases. With only five minutes notice, Dr. Broouuke was giving a seminar about lice, head fungus, saniation, and personal hygiene. All the girls paid such close attention to all she had to share with them.

Then I had Kaylie Wilson speak (or preach it!) to the class. She is studying counseling and therapy in America and I had her sit with Teacher Ann to give her some advice on how to handle difficult situations as they arise. She will not only be their instructor, but also their mentor and she wanted to be better prepared to be there in every way for the girls. It was so incredible to watch both Kaylie and Brooke use their God given gifts to bless others.

I am so happy to report that my student who I wrote about on Day 22 has found daily work. She has been consistantly coming to school and Teacher Ann and I are so thankful she is here.¬†On my last day of school, she asked to speak to me privately. We went outside and she said, “Teacher Dianna, I am feeling so sad because you are leaving.” I told her not to be sad because I would be back one day to see her again. With tears in her eyes she said, “Please promise to be here to see me graduate. I promise I will not disappoint you.”

How could I ever be disappointed in her? Or any of them for that matter? Each one of them have shown their determination, strength, and most importantly, their self worth. They are fighters and they will succeed.

“….give them beauty for ashes.” ¬†Isaiah 61:3

“Dr. Broouuke” and “Pastor Kaylie”

Thank you again, Soroptomist! I’m sure you all won’t mind that I left my Soroptimist apron with Teacher Ann. She is such a incredible leader and she was so thankful for this wonderful gift.

Photography: Logan Cole


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