Fashion: Carmen Miranda Gets Married!





Photography and Art Direction: Jen Sosa

Hair: Lady Dianna

Makeup: Amy Clarke

Models: Bernadette Plazoa and Johan Khalilan

Assistant Stylist: Tayen Styles

Event Styling: Caroline Cervantes and Oh Love Struck Event

Flowers: Primal Flower

Invitations: Kendra Enriquez

Location: The Saguro in Palm Springs


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Fashion: Thrifty Hunter – Summer 2013

Publication: Thrifty Hunter Magazine

Photography: Logan Cole

Hair: Lady Dianna

Make up: Amy Clarke

Styling: Gabby Lewis

Model: Kristin Alderson

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Fashion: Bello Magazine – Natalie Dryfuss

Photography: Amanda Peixoto – Elkins

Hair: Lady Dianna

Makeup: Amy Clarke

Talent: Natalie Dryfuss


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Fashion: Thrifty Hunter Magazine – Hair Feature

Photography: Ricky Dorn

Hair and Makeup : Lady Dianna

Model: Miss Jazz

Publilished: Thrifty Hunter Magazine


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Travel: Rio De Janeiro – Day 31

What an amazing time we have had watching our students be creative. They have shown so much talent and even more potential for their skill in both hair and makeup. As part of their final exam, we decided to have them do each others hair and makeup for a photo shoot. They got be be creative and we really saw their talent shine.

These ladies each have different struggles, different pain, and differnt stresses. I know more about them than I ever thought I would and it makes me so thankful to have had the life experiences that I have had to be there for them. Each of us on this team has had struggles that have brought us to this point. Our students have to strong everyday and it was a relief for them for someone else to be strong for them in their time of weakness.

Of course, we are very biased, but these women are so incredibly gorgeous inside and out. It has been said that the eyes are the window to the soul. Through these windows, I see courage, insecurities, strength, joy, worries, and passion. I am a better person now for knowing each of them.

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